How does Vertical Rent Work?

Vertical Rent is an add-on service that provides landlords with applications, as well as background and eviction checks for specific RentSource customers. This additional service is unlocked by RentSource customers paying a single $25 fee for an unlimited number of reports sent to landlords for the six months of their service and run through the Verticalrent website.

When customers pay for this added function they fill out an application and approve RentSource to run a nationwide eviction and background check report. This application includes job and rental history as well as an area for customers to provide references. Both this application and the personal reports may be provided to landlords for free upon request to help customers avoid application fees and to help landlords effortlessly screen their tenants.

To request an application and report for a specific RentSource customer, call (913) 937-9010 with the customer's first and last name. The representative will ask for your name and telephone number as well as the name of the customer you want a report run for. They will then email or fax you the report within 24 hours.

What about credit checks?

We advise our customers to take advantage of the free credit check service provided by as it provides fast and free credit check services without having to pay any additional fees.

I want an application and reports from a non-RS or non-VR customer

In order to provide any information, tenants must first be a customer of RentSource and have paid the additional fee to access the Vertical Rent website. Once they have completed an application and background/credit check and approved RentSource to give these out on their behalf, RentSource may provide this information to requesting landlords.